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Zephanol-HP The Pill to End All Diet Pills!

Zephanol-HP FAQs


What makes Zephanol-HP so effective at helping me lose weight?

Zephanol-HP lets you lose weight quickly and effectively because it helps you eliminate fat three different ways:

  • Fat Burning & Thermogenesis Zephanol-HP works hand-in-hand with your body, acting to supercharge your metabolism and literally melt away fat before it has a chance to accumulate.
  • Appetite Suppression Zephanol-HP is a potent appetite suppressant, ensuring that your caloric intake is managed and you are able to achieve maximum weight loss.
  • Energy Boosting/Health & Wellness This is where Zephanol-HP really shines! Each capsule is loaded with several ingredients that keep your energy levels high, ensure you can remain active throughout the day, and in a positive frame of mind. Meeting your weight loss goals is much easier when you are motivated and active.

I have a weight loss goal in mind how do I know how many bottles of Zephanol-HP I will need?

Weight loss results will vary from one person to the next, but a rough guideline of expected weight loss follows:

  • 1 bottle = 4-6 pounds of weight loss
  • 3 bottles = 7-15 pounds of weight loss
  • 5 bottles = 16-30 pounds of weight loss
  • 7 bottles = 31-55 pounds of weight loss
  • 10 bottles = 56-100 pounds of weight loss

Remember that these are rough guidelines, and results slightly above or below these averages are likely on a week-to-week basis.


What are the directions of use for Zephanol-HP?

We've ensured that using Zephanol-HP is as easy as possible. Begin with the standard dosage of two capsules per day take the first capsule before your morning meal, and the second before your evening meal. Be sure to drink at least 8oz of water with each capsule. Once you are comfortable with the program, you can elevate your intake if you want to achieve maximum weight loss: take two capsules before breakfast and two more before dinner for faster results.

It is important that you take Zephanol-HP before mealtime. This ensures that its potent appetite suppression abilities take hold right when you need them, and that you are covered throughout the day and night.


Does Zephanol-HP work fast? Will I notice the results quickly?

We have collected results from several thousand customers in order to build a comprehensive database that measures Zephanol-HP's effectiveness. Most respondents noticed the effectiveness of Zephanol-HP in the first week of use, with suppressed appetite being the most common initial occurrence. As the period of use lengthens, weight loss becomes readily apparent, with most respondents noting significant weight loss within the first month. Bear in mind, however, that results will certainly differ from one person to the next. For this reason, we recommend that all customers use Zephanol-HP for at least one month before judging its effectiveness.


Do I need to take Zephanol-HP forever to prevent regaining lost weight?

Zephanol-HP is formulated to help you keep weight off even once you have discontinued active use. Its metabolic-boosting powers will help keep your body actively burning fat, and its abilities as an appetite suppressant can help you develop a new lifestyle and diet that will persist over time. No weight loss can be termed permanent, but Zephanol-HP offers long-lasting help. To ensure that lost weight remains off, many people choose to continue taking Zephanol-HP even after they have reached their weight loss goal.


How many capsules do I get with each bottle of Zephanol-HP?

Each bottle contains sixty capsules of Zephanol-HP.


What is the recommended daily dosage of Zephanol-HP? Is it possible to take too much?

This will be based upon how quickly you would like to lose weight. To begin, you should take two capsules daily, one before breakfast and one more before dinner. Once you are comfortable with this program, if you would like to lose weight even faster you can take up to four capsules daily (two capsules each before your morning and evening meals). Four capsules of Zephanol-HP per day is the maximum.


How long can I expect a bottle of Zephanol-HP to last?

It all depends on how quickly you would like to lose weight. The standard program of two capsules per day means that a bottle will last for one month. A more aggressive regimen of four capsules daily, designed for maximum effectiveness, means that a bottle will last for fifteen days.


Are Zephanol-HP capsules small and easy to swallow?

Yes, our capsules are small and the gelatin coating allows them to be easily swallowed.


Are there any reported side effects of using Zephanol-HP?

Based upon the experiences of thousands of our happy customers, there are no reported side effects from the use of Zephanol-HP. Our product is all-natural and carefully formulated to help you lose weight without any harsh side effects or health complications.


What if I am taking other medications can I still take Zephanol-HP?

No adverse drug interactions have been reported arising from the use of Zephanol-HP. However, potential drug interactions are difficult to predict if you are currently taking any other medications, we advise that you discuss using Zephanol-HP with your doctor in order to best avoid any potential adverse reactions.


Can pregnant or breast-feeding women take Zephanol-HP?

No, pregnant or breast-feeding women should not take Zephanol-HP, or any weight loss supplement.


What have your customers had to say about Zephanol-HP?

Dozens of our customers have been kind enough to share with us their outstanding weight loss experiences from using Zephanol-HP. Please visit our 'Testimonials' page to read their inspirational stories.


What kind of exercise program will I need in order for me to lose weight with Zephanol-HP?

Zephanol-HP is formulated to provide exceptional weight loss results without the need for an exercise program. However, you may incorporate exercise into your daily or weekly routine in order to achieve even faster weight loss results; Zephanol-HP will give you the energy you need to partake in whatever type of activity you like.


Will I be required to be on a strict diet while using Zephanol-HP?

No dieting is necessary for you to lose weight while taking Zephanol-HP: you will naturally eat less and reduce your caloric intake. For best results, when you do eat, you should moderate the amount of unhealthy foods that you eat.


Is Zephanol-HP available for purchase in stores?

By eliminating re-sellers and retail markup, we can make good on our commitment to offer our customers an outstanding product at a very reasonable price. Zephanol-HP is available exclusively on this website, allowing us to deliver the greatest value for your money.


Is Zephanol-HP effective for both men & women?

Our product is proven to be a safe & effective weight loss supplement for both men and women.


What ingredients are contained in each capsule of Zephanol-HP?

Zephanol-HP contains the following all-natural ingredients: betaine, choline bitartrate, chromium picolinate, guarana extract, gymnema sylvestris, inositol, L-carnitine, and L-methionine. These ingredients are 100% natural and safe.


Most weight loss supplements have harsh stimulant side effects will Zephanol-HP cause me to have difficulty sleeping, or provoke jitteriness or anxiety?

No. The ingredients in Zephanol-HP are all-natural, and our product does not contain excessive levels of caffeine or amphetamine analogs that produce those types of side effects. Zephanol-HP will actually help you to remain relaxed, focused, and rested as you lose weight.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

It is exceptionally rare that one of our customers is not completely satisfied with Zephanol-HP, but in those infrequent cases we proudly offer a money back guarantee. Our success depends upon the happiness and satisfaction of our customers, and anyone who is not happy can return their unopened bottles of Zephanol-HP within thirty days for a full refund of the purchase price. Unfortunately, shipping & handling fees cannot be refunded.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard and Visa. We do not accept cash or checks.


Are these prices listed in US dollars?

Yes. Because we are a US company, all of our listings are in US Dollars.


Do you offer international shipping for orders outside of the USA?

No, we only ship to locations within the US. We are happy to focus our efforts on providing outstanding prices and service to the domestic market.


Will everyone be able to see what I have ordered?

No. Your order of Zephanol-HP will be shipped to you in plain packaging that does not reveal the contents.

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